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Special Session 1. Digitalization and regional innovation

  • Chair: Bo Yang(Swansea University, UK)
  • Paper Lists
    • 1. (Zheng Liu & Bo Yang): Exploring the role of communication of practice (CoP) in Triple Helix innovation
    • 2. (Jialun Hu): Digitalisation and open innovation
    • 3. (Yang Wang): The interactive relationship between intellectual property and regional economic development in the context of Yangtze River Delta integration: A case study of Jiangsu Province
    • 4. (Yun Zhao, Huijie Yuan, & Ting Yang): Digital empowerment in rural revitalisation
    • 5. (Xinwei Ye, Lei Ma & Kaitong Liang): Configuration path of industrial digital transformation from the perspective of regional innovation ecosystem

Special Session 2. Open Innovation and ecosystem

  • Chair: Zheng Liu(Cardiff Metropolitan University, UK & Nanjing Univ. of Science and Technology, China)
  • Paper Lists
    • 1. (Zheng Liu & Bo Yang): Open innovation strategy in Covid-19 era and beyond
    • 2. (Yongjiang Shi): Open innovation in business ecosystem: Its positions, mechanisms and contributions to the BE Tornado model
    • 3. (Zihao Che): Research on the construction of digital innovation ecosystem
    • 4. (Lei Ma, Ben Zhang, Zheng Liu, Kaitong Liang & Liying Wang): Mechanism of knowledge flow for platform innovation ecosystem: Multiple case studies on intellectual property operation platforms in China
    • 5. (Chaonan Yi): Research on builder differences and developing strategy of constructing innovation ecosystem in industrial park: A process perspective

Special Session 3. Platform innovation

  • Chair: Lei Ma(Nanjing Univ. of Science and Technology, China)
  • Paper Lists
    • 1. (Bo Yang): Revisiting the finance-growth nexus with technology-based financial innovation
    • 2. (David Tianxin Shang & Yongjiang Shi): Industrial symbiosis and open innovation
    • 3. (Kaitong Liang, Lei Ma, Zheng Liu, Chaonan Yi, Xinwei Ye): Diversified paths to improve operational efficiency in Chinese patent operation platform: A fuzzy-set qualitative comparative analysis based on TOE framework
    • 4. (Jun Zhang, Yue Chang, Yue Hu): Research on application and data management of multidimensional sensor equipment in large scale steel production
    • 5. (Baoqing Zhu): Study on the differences of industrial development strategies in regional innovatin ecosystem under niche theory
    • 6. (Xiaojing Huang, Lei Ma, Rao Li & Zheng Liu): An evolutionary game research on value co-creation behaviour of digital patent platform

Special Session 4.

  • Chair: Swansea University-1

Special Session 5. Digital Transformation with Regulation Conversion

  • Chair: JinHyo Joseph Yun(DGIST, Korea)
  • Paper Lists
    • 1. (JinHyo Joseph Yun(Corr.), Xiaofei Zhao, Yang Bo, Zheng Liu (HangSik Park)): 1. Regulation conversion at telemedicine of UK and Korea in digital transformation; -The way to growing up new industry with open innovation dynamics
    • 2. (JinHyo Joseph Yun(Corr.), Xiaofei Zhao, KyungBae Park, Valentina Della Corte, Giovanna Del Gaudio): Participation, Democratization, and Open Innovation with New Business Model; The Way to Comedy of Commons
    • 3. (JinHyo Joseph Yun, Xiaofei Zhao, HeungJu Ahn, KyungBae Park, EuiSeob Jeung, SungYoung Choi): Matching between technology, and market in open innovation dynamics
    • 4. (JinHyo Joseph Yun(Corr.), Xiaofei Zhao, HeonJe Cho(Inter Biz), KwangHo Jung(SNU)): Nudge for Motivating Open Innovation Dynamics
    • 5. (JinHyo Joseph Yun(Corr.), BongHwan Kim, EuiSeob Jung): Study on the open innovation signal in financial statement of firms
    • 6. (JinHyo Joseph Yun(Corr.), EuiSeub Jung, KyungHun Kim, SeungDeuk Hahm): 1. Finding the way From catch-up to post catch-up with open innovation dynamics: By Comparing the self ciation of US patents in IT among Japan, Korea, and China, and Japan

Special Session 6. Digital Transformation in Financial markets

  • Chair: Alexey Mikhaylov (Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation, Russia)
  • Paper Lists
    • 1. (Nikita Moiseev, Alexey Mikhaylov): Panel data analysis of open innovation clusters: evidence from Europe
    • 2. (Jaehyung An, Alexey Mikhaylov): Technological Forecasting in process management during digital transformation
    • 3. (Miraz Ahmed Bhyan, Alexey Mikhaylov): Digital Transformation of sustainable project management in financial markets
    • 4. (Pavel Baboshkin): Machine learning approach based for modelling economic growth during digital transformation
    • 5. (Anton Lisin): Central bank digital currency infrastructure: examples from cryptocurrency

Special Session 7.  Challenges of Digital Transformation in Korean Manufacturing Industry

  • Chair: DongHoon Oh(Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy, Office of Strategic R&D Planning, Korea)
  • Paper Lists
    • 1. (Hyoung Ryul MA, Sangjae Pyo, Dong Hoon Oh): Performance of Firm’s Open Innovation in Digital Transformation of Korean Automobile Industry
    • 2. (Heongu Lee): Innovation of Tacit Knowledge Management in the Digital Transformation Era
    • 3. (Sangjae Pyo, Hyoung Ryul Ma, Kyoungmi Jang, DongYeun Kwak, Dong Hoon Oh): A Comparative Study of Digital Transformation in Europe and East Asia: From Economic Geography Perspective
    • 4. (Sangjae Pyo, Hyoung Ryul Ma, Seung Gun Chung, Dong Hoon Oh): Adopting a Block Funding Model to Enhance Cooperation of Triple Helix
    • 5. (Hyoung Ryul MA, Cheol-Ju Lee): Prediction and Factor Analysis of High Performance Government-Sponsored R&D project : Machine Learning and Logistic Regression Analysis

Special Session 8. Regional Innovation Systems

  • Chair: Yuri Sadoi(Meijo University, Japan)
  • Paper Lists
    • 1. (Mari Iizuka): Open innovation in the context of well-being management in Japan
    • 2. (Sergei Shaposhinikov & Yuri Sadoi): The regional innovation system between Japan and Russia.
    • 3. (Jun-ichi Yamamoto, Rina Numabe, Quan Than Pham, & Shugo Sugawara): An Experiment on Digitalizing Gratitude and Improving Trust
    • 4. (Naomi Kinoshita, Yusuke Tanaka & Yuri Sadoi):New Possibilities for Japanese Innovation Generated by Self-Reflection at COVID-19
    • 5. (Yuri Sadoi): Annalysis of regional innovation practices in Japan
    • 6. (Toshihiro Kojima): Exploring a way of sustainable development of collaboration intermediary organizations with the innovative SMEs in the region―A case study of TAMA (Technology Advanced Metropolitan Area) Association in Japan

Special Session 9. Innovation & Growth

  • Chairs: Kangwon Lee(Korea Institute for Advanced Study, Korea) & Seung Hoo Jin(Sumsung SDS, Korea)
  • Paper Lists
    • 1. (Seung Hoo Jin, Kangwon Lee): Technology Innovation and Sustainable growth of University.
    • 2. (Woojoong Kim, Kangwon Lee): Factors Affecting Academic performance of Government-funded Research Institute of Korea
    • 3. (Jaeseong Kim, Sangok Choi): Success Factors for Innovation: A Bayesian Network Approach
    • 4. (Jaeho Jung, Sangok Choi): A research on the effect of R&D stock on technological change and economic growth
    • 5. (Seung Hoo Jin, Kangwon Lee): The effect of non- technology based innovation on the business performance

Special Session 10. Digital Smart and Socially Inclusive Design

  • Chair: Taesun Kim(HanYang University, Korea)
  • Paper Lists
    • 1. (Ko, Yunseo; Kim, Taesun): The Potentialities of Artificial Intelligence-based generative design in higher design education
    • 2. (Zhang, Xi; Kim, Taesun): Competitiveness sustainability Strategies through Customer Experience based open innovation
    • 3. (Ma, Xinton; Kim, Taesun):Finding opportunities to improve Korean quarantine management policy through investigating foreigners' self-quarantine experience from service design perspectives
    • 4. (Zhou, Chao; Kim, Taesun): Improving an online shopping platform design based on the user experience of the elderly
    • 5. (XU, FAN; Kim, Taesun): Innovation of Online Food Delivery Platform Systems through an Emphatic Design Approach
    • 6. (Kim, Jiyoung): The Effectiveness of Design Thinking Skills on Multidisciplinary Design Education

Special Session 11. Knowledge service, open innovation and firm performance

  • Chairs: Hun Park(KISTI, Korea) & Jinwoo Sim(KISTI, Korea)
  • Paper Lists
    • 1. (Heon-Hwi Lee, Jae-Woong Jeong, Hun Park): Effect of Knowledge Services on Organizational Performance based on the Concept of Balance Score Cards: Evidence from South Korea
    • 2. (Minji Kim, Jinwoo Sim, Hun Park): A Case Study on the Effect of Knowledge Services on Business Performance according to the Firm Technology Level: Evidence from South Korea
    • 3. (Hun Park, Hyunwoo Park, Jongtaik Lee): An Introduction to R&D Project Valuation Model and System

Special Session 12. Open Innovation and Business Model in Biomedical Industry

  • Chair: Kwangsoo Shin(Chungbuk National University, Korea)
  • Paper Lists
    • 1. (Harry Jeong; Changhyeon Song; Kwangsoo Shin*): Trajectory and strategy of bio-Industry in Europe and Korea for innovation ecosystem to create future together
    • 2. (Changhyeon Song; Kwangsoo Shin*): When do firms in biotechnology industry pursue open innovation? The perspective of small-medium enterprises
    • 3. (Harry Jeong; Kwangsoo Shin*): Nutritional patterns and the prevalence of chronic diseases of Koreans, and the role of open innovation
    • 4. (Seunghyun Kim*): Competitiveness in E-mobility industry
    • 5. (Minjun Kim; HyunYoung Kim Kwangsoo Shin* Changhyeon Song*): Investment and performance of in-vitro diagnostic medical device firm for infectious disease in post-corona era: A South Korea sase

Special Session 13. Innovation Diversity for Emerging Economies

  • Chairs: Natalja LACE and Yuanyuan LIU (Riga Technical University, Latvia) 
  • Paper Lists
    • 1. (CIRJEVSKIS, Andrejs):Exploring the Institutional Context of Strategic Alliances and Influencing Roles of Governments Impacting Alliances’ Synergies
    • 2. (LIU Yuan Yuan,LACE Natalja, CHEN Lu Lu): Could Riga Become a Smart Tourism Destination without Being Sustainable in the Era of Digital Transformation?
    • 3. (LIU Yuan Yuan, LACE Natalja, CHEN Lu Lu ): Business Model Innovation for Riga as a Sustainable Smart Tourism Destination after the COVID-19 Pandemic
    • 4. (OGANISJANA Karine , WESTERBERG Mats and HIETANEN Lenita): Organizing studies entrepreneurially to prepare for sailing through the turbulences of the unknown

Special Session 14.

  • Chair: Weian Li(Nankai University & Tianjin University of Finance and Economics, China)
  • Paper Lists:
    • 1. (Weian Li, Wendi Hou): Regional Carbon emissions and SOEs green investment in China: An Administrative-Economic Perspective
    • 2. (Lun Wang, Xinyu Guo, Runhui Lin): Internal Training and External Hiring: Who Can Better Promote CSR
    • 3. (Weian Li, Minghui Yi): Research on the Influence of Heterogeneous Major Shareholders on Green Governance of State-Owned Listed Companies
    • 4.(Li Weian, Zhou Ning): A Two-pronged Approach: Research on the Influence of the Interaction between Green Contract and CSR Management Committee on Green Innovation
    • 5. (Runhui Lin, Yalin Li): Evaluation of Country Epidemic Emergency Governance Capacity Based on RESEIR Model

Special Session 15.

  • Chair: Jin Chen(Tsinghua University, China)

Special Session 16.

  • Chair: Jinxi Wu(Tsinghua University, China)

Special Session 17.

  • Chairs: Haiyan Yan(Shanghai Univ. of International Business and Economics, China) & Min-Ren Yan(Chinese Culture University)

Special Session 18.

  • Chair: Ben Zhang(Huazhong University of Science & Technology, China)

Special Session 19.

  • Chair: Seung-Hee Lee(Southern Illinois University, USA) 

Special Session 20.

  • Chair: Jonathan C.Ho(Yuan Ze University)

Special Session 21. 

  • Chairs: Junghyun Yoon(Yeungnam University, Korea) & Sanghyun Sung(GyeongSang National University, Korea)

Special Session 22. 

  • Chair: KwangHo Jung(Seoul National University, Korea)

Special Session 23. 

  • Chairs: Valentina Della Corte(University of Naples Federico Ⅱ, Italy) & Giovanna Del Gaudio(University of Naples Federico Ⅱ, Italy)

Special Session 24. 

  • Chairs: DaeCheol Kim(Hanyang University, Korea) & SungYong Choi(Hanyang University, Korea)

Special Session 25. 

  • Chair: Jeonghwan Lee(Myongji University, Korea)

Special Session 26.

  • Chair: Ali Ying-Che Hsieh( National Tsinghua University)

Special Session 27. 

  • Chair: Eungdo Kim(Chungbuk National University, Korea)

Special Session 28. 

  • Chair: Sang-Don Lee(Ewha Womans University, Korea) 

Special Session 29. 

  • Chair: Tae-Eung Sung(Yonsei University, Korea)

Special Session 30.

  • Chairs: DaeSoo Choi(Joongbu University, Korea) & Chang-Soo Sung (Dongguk University, Korea)

Special Session 31.

  • Chairs: Dongwook Kim (Seoul National Univ., Korea), WookJoon Sung (Seoul National University of Science and Technology, Korea)

Special Session 32. 

  • Chair: Junic Kim(KonKuk University, Korea)

Special Session 33.

  • Chair: Chih cheng Lo(National Changhua University of Education)

Special Session 34. (Confirmed)

  • Chairs: Haiyan Yan(Shanghai Univ. of International Business and Economics, China) & Min-Ren Yan(Chinese Culture University)

Special Session 35.

  • Chair: Andreas Pyka(University of Hohenheim, Germany)

Special Session 36.

  • Chair: John C. Yi(Saint Joseph’s University, USA)

Special Session 37.

  • Chair: Sergei Evgenevich Barykin (Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University, Russia)

Special Session 38.

  • Chair: Erwei Xiang(Edith Cowan University, Australia)

Special Session 39.

  • Chair: Roh Cheol-young(City University of New York, USA)